BANG XX: Get Lucky!

What is it?

A BANG, or Bay Area Night Game, is a short puzzle hunt played on foot and at night. If you've never played in a BANG before, we recommend checking out the BANG webpage: for more information on past BANGs. If you like puzzles and you don't mind walking, you will probably enjoy it. You can expect the puzzles to be at an intermediate level relative to other BANGs.

When is it?

Date: Sunday, March 22, 2009

7:00 pm until approximately 10:00 pm
Registration begins at 6:45 pm

Where: North Beach, San Francisco
Levi's Plaza Park @ Filbert & Battery
Cost: $10 per person

Where do I sign up?

Sign ups are full. Please do not ask if you can add an additional team member--the answer is no. Our liability insurance will not permit us to have any more participants.

What do I bring?

In addition to your thinking caps, you'll need: paper, pencil and/or pen, $7 in cash and flashlight (it is a night game after all).

We will also need you to sign a waiver before you can play. Each person playing needs to have their own waiver signed and will not be allowed to play without it. That waiver can be found here. To expedite the registration process, please print it out and sign it before arriving although we will have copies at the event. Please note that this waiver is for participants who are 18 and up only. If you need a waiver for a minor, please e-mail us by Saturday, March 21--otherwise your minor will not be able to play.

Anything else I should know?

Yes. San Francisco is known for its hills and famously steep streets and there is no shortage of those here. If you have difficulty walking up hills and stairs for more than a block or two, we do not recommend you play in this BANG.


Q: Is there any age restriction?
A: No, however you will need at least one person who is at least 21 (and carrying identification to prove this) on your team. If you bring anyone under 18, you will need the signature of a parent or guardian. Please e-mail us by Saturday, March 21 if you need a waiver for a minor. Also, please be aware that some of the puzzles may contain "saucy" references that some parents may not find appropriate for small children. E-mail us if you need further information.
Some material may be inappropriate

Q: Is there a maximum team size?
A: No, there is no maximum but the game is designed for teams of 4 and we believe that you will have the optimal enjoyment with a team of that size. If you are planning a team of 8, we highly recommend that you play as two teams of 4. You are welcome to walk to and from puzzles together, but splitting one puzzle between 8 people is just a lesson in frustration.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of teams?
A: There is no limit to the number of teams.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Ah, the eternal question. You won't be graded on fashion, but San Francisco is still quite cold at night. Please dress accordingly. You can check the San Francisco weather before leaving.

Q: Are you doing that crazy thing where the team that wins has to plan the next one?
A: While we will not hunt you down after the event, yes, it is expected that the winning team will run a BANG as this is the only way the community can persist. If the winning team has already planned several BANGs or cannot do it for any reason, it is their job to find another unsuspecting team to run the next BANG. We will be posting the results of the BANG by team name. If the winning team needs to contact another team, they are welcome to e-mail us since we will not be posting contact information.

Q: We've registered, but we decided that the team name Stinky Monkeys doesn't really work for us. Can I change it?
A: Yes, just e-mail us before the registration deadline, March 7, 2009. After that date, we can't make any promises.

Q: I have issues with Paypal. Is there another way that I can pay?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: I registered and paid, but now I can't play. Can I get my money back?
A: If it's before March 7, 2009, we will refund your full amount minus any fees. After March 7, 2009, we are sorry but we will be unable to refund your payment. Our recommendation at that point is to find another team to take your place. If you can't find anyone, talk to us--we know people.

Q: Where should I park?
A: Unfortunately the start and end locations are not near each other and given that the event takes place in the city, we HIGHLY encourage you to appropriately "Go Green" and take public transportation. If there is absolutely no way to do this, you can park in the seawall parking lot to be near the start location or the triangle lot if you wish to be closer to the end location. There is also ample street parking around since most meters are not enforced on Sunday night (but be sure to double check wherever you park).

Q: What if it rains? Will the event be rescheduled?
A:The event will go on, rain or (moon) shine. It will not be rescheduled. If the forecast calls for rain, we recommend packing some ponchos and umbrellas.

Q: What about food?
A: If you need to eat every hour, we recommend you bring some snacks. You will be visiting various establishments through the evening where vittles can be obtained, but the end location will also have very delicious (we've tested it) food available for purchase--excellent for a late dinner.

Q: Will I see any leprechauns?
A: If you're lucky.

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