BANG XX: Get Lucky!


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A BANG, or Bay Area Night Game, is a short puzzle hunt played on foot and at night. If you've never played in a BANG before, we recommend checking out the BANG webpage: for more information on past BANGs.

BANG XX: Get Lucky! was presented by XX-Rated on March 22, 2009. To view the original webpage, go here.

Thank Yous

There is no way this event could have happened without the help of our wonderful volunteers including those on the day of and our playtesters. XX-Rated thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. We'd like to give a special shout out to some people:

Jan Chong
Todd Etter
The Platonic Solids
The Seattle gaming community (and Jeff Wallace in particular for organizing a massive playtesting for us)
Frank Petterson, Ryan Gerard, Maryam Gofraniha, Lina & Steve Scroggins, Jen Kurkoski & Marc Berndl, Ajith Ramanathan, Matt Ahrens, Mary Cherng, Kim, Brett Levin, Hongmai, Pete Demoureille, and Jane.


We had 61 teams. Here are the results of the teams that actually checked in at the end.

The summary? The top 10 teams were:

1. Burninators
1. The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen
3. Golden Golems
4. Blood & Bones
6. coed astronomy
7. The Taxidermists
8. Team Longshots
9. 5 Blind Boys
10. lowkey

By our tally, CRANEA is the highest ranking team who has not yet run a game. Therefore, we nominate them to plan the next one. Please apply peer pressure as necessary.

Also, if you're curious, here is the timing information for teams.


Check out the photos in our album.


If you missed the event, or if you attended the event, but just loved the puzzles so much, here are the puzzles. We've listed the locations as well. All of the business we worked with were great and we encourage you to visit them in the future and tell them you found out about them through our event. When word spreads that BANGs bring business, it makes it that much easier to run the events in the future.

Puzzle 1: Map
Levi's Plaza Park (this was also the start location for registration)

Puzzle 2: Coins
Intersection of Sansome Street and The Embarcadero

Puzzle 3: Clouds
Coit Tower

Puzzle 4: Horseshoes
Washington Square Park

Puzzle 5: Beer
Maggie McGarry's
1353 Grant Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Puzzle 6: Clover
Tosca Cafe
242 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

Puzzle 7: Casino
O'Reilly's Pub & Restaurant
622 Green Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(We had a mix up with this location. We would very much appreciate it if you would rate them highly on yelp and mention in your review that you visited them during the puzzle hunt.)

Puzzle 8: Lotto (meta)
Triangle Parking Lot at Mason Street and Columbus Avenue

End Location:
Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House
1040 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

Need some help with the puzzles? We've provided a page that will give you the hints and let you submit the answers for puzzles to see if you are correct so you can play along and solve the puzzles on your own.

Want to know the explanation of how to do it? Here are the solutions.


Given the large number of teams, we thought you all might find some of the statistics of what we did interesting. We made 65 copies of each puzzle to make sure we had a couple extras -- just in case. Here are some of the more interesting stats:

25 pounds of chocolate
715 handmade chocolates
2340 envelopes stuffed
2520 black and red 1.5" squares cut and labeled

Questions? Thoughts? Want to run your own event?

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